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pronounsshe / her / hers
workData Management, HIPAA Compliance, UX/UI
lovescats, horror, sci-fi, tech, coffee, monsters
artistryTsutomu Nihei, Rick Owens, CLAMP
tv / filmTwin Peaks, The OA, Hannibal, Interstellar, The X-Files, Alien[s], Serial Experiments Lain, Perfect Blue
interestscyber sigilism, esoterica, world-building, DIY
styleminimalist gothy tech athleisure
collectsbooks, trinkets, perfume, oddities, retro electronics
gamesNieR:Automata, FFXIV, Control, Alan Wake, Mass Effect, Silent Hill, Parasite Eve, Valkyrie Profile, Hypnospace Outlaw, VA-11 Hall-A

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